Food and Beverages

Master of Fried chicken, Chiki is a lifestyle and our meals are best known for the signature sauces in sandwiches and burgers.

Ever enjoyed a woodfire pizza with tangy, cheesy goodness? PizaZ has the best flavors of Pizza that are served fresh using high quality ingredients

Bringing back memories of enjoying authentic meals. We promise to deliver you with the best Meaty goodness.

Our spicy noodles made with fresh ingredients will leave you mesmerized after watching these noodles.

Bringing back Indian traditions of enjoying meals together, we promise to tantalize your taste buds with the best thaali experience.

Shrimp pasta served with creamy goodness is a wholesome taste and this is all all you need

Take a plunge on our delicious rich and creamy “Mashed Potato” with an option of Tender Braised Beef or succulent Barbeque Chicken with rain of sesame seed.

We at Lobster Roll are so much more than just providing sandwiches. It has a special sauce that gives the sandwich a unique taste & experience. Lobster Roll sandwiches are stuffed with  lobster meat and served with lemon and melted butter.

Meet your new favorite mushroom recipe! Rice infused with earthy mushroom flavor tossed through with caramelized mushrooms, this Mushroom Rice is worthy of being a meal by itself.

A distinctive experience of Mac and Cheese Pasta mixed with cheese sauce with external additives chosen by the customer to give a spicy & tangy taste.

Providing an experience of perfection with mushrooms and our special soup recipe.

Our chinese served in a unique style will tantalize your taste buds so you keep enjoying every time.

Our drool worthy signature beef burger comes with oozing cheese that melts in the mouth.